Affordable data managment

Many off the shelf products have a lot of bells and whistles to puff up the content of their product but they may not have the one bell that you want to ring. Microsoft Access is a relational database that can be used by small businesses and individuals as well. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OWN THE PROGRAM. Our databases are written to self install without additional purchase. MS Access can be used to store and process everything from recipes with pictures of the dishes to sales and inventory. Using MS Access we will work with your to create customized databases and data manipulation applications to fit your exact need.

Some recent examples are:

         A database to document with associated pictures the growth, feed consumption, and egg production of a flock of chickens.

         A db used for maintaining membership of a local non-profit. This db can create custom form letters for a filtered set of members. Looks for members who have not renewed and prints letters and envelopes for those members, etc....

There are a lot of usefull and varied functions in our databases that can fill a need you may not even know you have.